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The Ridgefield Republican Organization is the local embodiment of the Republican Party, the party of Abraham Lincoln, and is affiliated with National, State and County Republican Organizations.  For those of you who are new to the Borough, the Republican Party has a long and proud history in Ridgefield, and has fielded candidates who have been responsible for many of the benefits we enjoy in Ridgefield today.  Republicans have contributed to the parks, streets and service infrastructure, and their superb condition today is their legacy.  Prior to the year 2000 election, a Republican-controlled council had provided all that we have today with a net zero increase in the municipal component of local taxes for nine years straight.

We want the local Republican Party to be considered the party of inclusion, and wish to maintain a high level of energy and commitment to the Borough.  To maintain these high levels, the Ridgefield Republicans are always hoping to bring more residents into active participation in our community’s civic life.  The activities in which you may become involved are entirely on a voluntary basis, but there are returns in the personal satisfaction of helping to identify issues affecting the Borough, of helping to shape solutions, and of having a voice in your community’s affairs.
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Third Thursday of the month


7:00 PM


Ridgefield Community Center
off Shaler Blvd, at 725 Slocum Avenue

Contact Info:

President:  Elaine ParducciPhone:  201-805-5098
Email:   eladybug17@aol.com
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Address: 339 Main Street, Hackensack, NJ 07601

Call: (201) 880-1646 Email: bcrodirector@gmail.com

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